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Texas A&M Army ROTC cadets are Aggies first! Students who want to join Army ROTC must first submit applications to and be accepted by Texas A&M University. Click here for more information from the University Admissions Office.

Texas A&M Army ROTC’s recruiting staff are available to provide information and guidance about admissions to Texas A&M and the Army ROTC. Feel free to contact us now with any questions you may have.

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Already Applied to Texas A&M?

Students who are not guaranteed admission (not Top 10% nor Academic Admit) should also apply to TAMU Galveston. You’ll see that the TAMU Galveston option is an excellent one for those that might not be directly admitted to the main campus, but know they want to be an Aggie and in the Corps of Cadets. However, understand that TAMU Galveston does not have an Army ROTC program.

Transferring To Texas A&M?

If transferring to Texas A&M, you can still join Army ROTC. Transfer admissions require 24 graded semester hours of transferrable coursework with a minimum grade point ratio of 2.50 in order to be eligible for review. Transfer students are admitted to a specific major and are required to follow the curriculum of that major. Your transferable coursework should be in the degree track for the major you designate on your application.

For more information, visit Texas A&M’s admissions page for Transfers.

After Being Accepted to Texas A&M

Make sure you get the ultimate Aggie experience. Contact one of our ROTC representatives for more information.