Welcome to U.S. Army Cadet Command and the Texas A&M Army ROTC Program. My name is David Manning and I am the Scholarship and Operations Officer for Texas A&M Army ROTC. I want to congratulate you on your acceptance to Texas A&M University and your decision to participate in the Corps of Cadets and Army ROTC. We are looking forward to a very rewarding school year. 

Texas A&M Army ROTC has been recognized by the nation as consistently producing great leaders, both in the Army and in corporate America. Along with upholding the customs and traditions of the Corps of Cadets, we also set the standards for Texas A&M. Some of the special units sponsored by Army ROTC are the Warrior Training Battalion, Rudder’s Rangers, and Ranger Challenge. These student led organizations have consistently prepared cadets to excel in today’s Army and the dynamic environment of the 21st Century. 

In order to expedite your enrollment into Army ROTC there are several documents we would like for you to bring when you attend the Corps’ Freshman Orientation Week. 

1. Copy or photo of birth certificate (no need for notarization) 

2. Copy or photo of social security card (no need for notarization) 

3. If Cadets qualify, the Army reimburses Cadet’s for uniform costs. In order to receive the payment, please know your banking account and routing numbers upon in-processing. 

4. If you bring a copy of your unofficial High School Transcript and ACT/SAT score then you’re at the top of our list for receiving a 3 year scholarship! 

If you have any questions about any of these documents please do not hesitate to call Army ROTC Recruiting Operations office at or (979) 845-2814. 


David R. Manning ‘83 

Army ROTC Scholarship & Operations